Collective Agreement Psa

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7.11.1 An officer and his collaborators may negotiate, either collectively or individually, special leave paid by the control officers (ROSL) for permanent employees designated as verification officers and who are invited by the manager to spend periods from home to carry out checks or perform related work (for example. B: collection of information from schools or centres by e&P staff in Centres, schools or homeschoolers. This should be managed in such a way as to minimise, as far as possible, overnight stays. The following section presents the approach to the remuneration of staff covered by this Agreement. It consists of a number of basic elements that apply to all occupational categories and a detailed description of the rules that apply specifically to each category of workers. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the departure rate for new employees is level 1 of the scale for the position. 7.5.8 A staff member may rely, by mutual agreement with his or her supervisor, on annual leave which will be reimbursed if necessary in the event of dismissal. This agreement will be available as a collective agreement for new employees who are not those whose positions are excluded under the following clause, in accordance with the Employment Relations Act 2000. 7.8.5 For workers who are already entitled to long-term leave under previous collective agreements (cf. ยง 13 Grandparent conditions), this provision will not diminish this right and this provision will not have the effect of doubling rights (e.g. B periods of service cannot be charged twice for long-term leave under different provisions).

(c) if the worker decides to move to the new employer, the worker is not entitled to dismissal from the employment relationship with the Office (or to the payment of wages in place of the Agency) under this Agreement. THE DSAs aim to clarify and be transparent about the customs duties for which additional payments are made and the amounts paid. The objective is also to ensure consistency and to recognise additional tasks that the staff covered by this Agreement could undertake. This process of recognizing additional tasks is also intended to support succession planning and development within the Organization and to reduce administrative costs, as units are spent for periods of one year or more. .