Software License Agreement Warranty

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6.8. To safely remove a hardware product, for whatever reason, return to Check Point all programs and data that are not provided by Check Point with the hardware product. You acknowledge that, in order to fulfill its responsibility under this limited hardware warranty, Check Point may ship all or part of the hardware product or software to third-party sites around the world, and you authorize Check Point to do so. 2.4 General restrictions. With the exception of copies used exclusively for backup or demateria purposes, or as permitted by current legislation, you cannot copy all or part of the product. You must reproduce and attach the copyright notice and all other mentions that appear on the original product on each backup copy. You agree not to allow others to use the product and you will not use it for the benefit of others. You recognize that the source code of the product and the underlying ideas or concepts are a valuable intellectual property of Check Point, and you agree to decipher, translate the source code or underlying ideas or file formats or programming or interoperability interfaces. to decompilize, relocate, decompile or otherwise re-edit, or to attempt to reconstruct or detect the source code or underlying ideas or algorithms or file formats or programming or interoperability interfaces.

Produced by all means. You will not develop methods that allow unauthorized people to use the product or develop another product containing any of the concepts and ideas contained in the independent product that has not been developed independently of you. You will not change the product or integrate part of the product into another software or create a work derived from a part of the product (and will not order it by third parties). You will not remove copyright or other product ownership (and will order third parties not to do so). Your use of the product may require the purchase of separate licenses to use certain functions, functions, processes or features. 6.1. Before Check Point or its partner exchanges a product or a material part to remove all functions, parts, options, changes, data and attachments that are not in the warranty service and ensure that the material product is free of legal obligations or restrictions preventing its exchange.