Ospoa Collective Bargaining Agreement

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All employees are either “represented” (within a tariff category) or “unrepresented” (within a management group). Clackamas County non-administrators are represented by eight rate units. These include the Association of Peace Officers (CCPOA) for the Sheriff`s Office, the Federation of Parole – Probation Officers (FOPPO) in Community Corrections, three units with the American Federation of State, County – Municipal Employees (AFSCME) for 911 Communications (CCOM), Transportation and Development (DTD) and Water Environment Services (WES) and three units with the Clackamas County Employees Association (CCEA) for all other services. Unrepresented staff members may be divided into one of the following groups: supervisory status, confidentiality and/or employee under an employment contract with the regional council. All other employees are part of a category of collective agreements (union). Union membership is voluntary. If you are a member of a bargaining unit, many policies and procedures regarding your employment are outlined in your current collective agreement. If a problem is not addressed in your collective agreement, Chapter 2.05 of the County Code or other employment policies and practices apply. To check the working relationship, please email: Finance-Payroll@clackamas.us.